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Africa Com 2017

Parallel Wireless booth #B33

Tuesday, November 7 – Thursday, November 9 – Cape Town, South Africa

Join Parallel Wireless in Cape Town South Africa for Africa Com 20th Anniversary! This year’s event is about shaping Africa’s digital future and empowering end-users with instant connectivity.  We at Parallel Wireless are eager to help Africa transform it’s telecom industry as well as connect the millions of people who remain unconnected throughout Africa. Stop by booth B33 to watch our live demo’s and learn from our team members on parallel wireless innovative solutions!

Parallel Wireless Innovation

While many industry players are reluctant to enter rural markets, Parallel Wireless is eager to bridge the digital divide, having production on SIX continents and engaged with many leading operators worldwide. Our award winning vRAN solution has also been selected by leading operators including Ice WirelessEE/BT in the UK and by Telefonica to provide rural connectivity in Latam markets. Parallel Wireless is on a mission to connect the 4 billion unconnected as easily and as cost-effectively as enterprise Wi-Fi making our solutiol ideal for Africa’s market! 

As global leaders in the rural market, our success has been made possible through our vRAN solution. Our vRAN solution meets the requirements of rural and remote environments better than conventional approaches and makes connecting the unconnected feasible for operators by innovating the RAN on several fronts:

  1.  Reducing the initial CAPEX investment to enter a new market or area. This is enabled by (1) low power consumption (uses less than a MacBook laptop running on full CPU), (2) small form factor that reduces site rental costs, and (3) easy and instant installation since this solution can be installed by anyone and deployment times are reduced from months to weeks.
  2. Using ANY available backhaul in remote areas. Traditionally, bringing backhaul to rural sites took a long time and required substantial upfront investment since delivering the highest speed possible required very expensive backhaul fiber. Parallel Wireless unique mesh backhaul capability removes the need to lay out expensive fiber.
  3. Reducing on-going OPEX costs in remote environments. The network orchestrator piece of the solution accelerates configuration of the nodes and the process doesn’t require any planning applications. It also reduces maintenance costs with self-optimization capabilities that eliminate the need to send engineers to remote sites for optimization and repair.
  4. Delivering lower costs per subscriber by targeting small concentrated pockets of users using MEC, content caching, and local breakout. By creating an open ecosystem of vendors, operators, government entities, and local businesses, this solution can also help to enable new use cases in rural areas that will also help to create additional revenue.

So how does Parallel Wireless innovation benefit consumers? End-users in remote areas can now enjoy all the benefits of wireless connectivity such as sharing with friends on social media, checking your bank statement online, or using it for eLearning and accessing educational materials and more!


Bookmark this page as updates are to come!


Bookmark this page as updates are to come!

Don’t forget to meet with us at booth B33 at Africa Com, click here to schedule!