Parallel Wireless is deploying a band 14 public safety network in rural NH that will demonstrate interoperability and ease of deployment, as well as automation of configuration and maintenance. In addition to demonstrating interoperability, this trial network will also address the requirements of FirstNet to provide voice and data coverage from rural, to in-buildings, to in-vehicles.

UPDATE: This deployment has been shortlisted for LTE North America Awards 2015 for Most Innovative LTE Application/Service!

Parallel Wireless VP Bus Dev, Steve KropperSteve Kropper, VP of Business Development, US Public Safety | July 20, 2015




MACC Base field trial operates under FCC Special Temporary Authorization for LTE Band 14.


Installing Parallel Wireless CWS in Wilton, NH

FirstNet requires a hybrid public safety broadband network with nationwide LTE coverage from incumbent wireless carriers and an aggressive build out schedule for dedicated Band 14 coverage for broadband voice and data. Coverage required from urban to rural areas leveraging fixed and in-vehicle RAN. Backhaul options must be flexible (mesh; satellite, fixed, deployable, in-vehicle; carrier LTE), resilient, and affordable and fit regional options from lack of rural connectivity to high cost of wired links in cities.

Trial’s Key Learning Objectives

(supporting national public safety broadband network (PSBN) objectives)

  • Build hybrid carrier and dedicated Band 14 network covering MACC-base area.
  • Replace separate voice and data networks
  • Demonstrate:
    • Secure access to FBI CJIS data.
    • Data communications including continuous video link between dispatch center and mobile law enforcement

Parallel Wireless MACC_Base Band 14 network map

Trial Participants

MACC Base Regional Dispatch Center

Parallel Wireless (system integrator)

SONIM (handsets)

MutuaLink (interoperability)

Satellite-fixed (TBN)

Fixed backhaul (Fairpoint Communications)

Deployable (Sprint)

Mobile (TBN)

Agency Sponsor

MACC Base (Jason Johnson); Fire, Police, and EMS services from Milford, Mont Vernon, and Wilton, NH.


3GPP-compliant self-configuring, self-organizing fixed, mobile and satellite sites with LMR-LTE interop and software defined networking backhaul mesh enabled by HetNet Gateway (HNG) deploying now; completion July 2015.


  1. Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Voice & Data using Band-14 handsets, WiFi in vehicle for laptop.
    Solution: PW’s Band 14 CWS (RAN) on agency’s fixed towers and mobile vehicles. Apps: PTT, video to CAD, email, file tx, web browse, maps.
  2. HYBRID: Carrier backhaul to roam for coverage
    Solution: Vehicle mounted CWS taps carrier LTE for backhaul when out of range from fixed Band 14 tower.
  3. Backhaul resilience – fiber, satellite, LTE options.
    Solution: demonstrate redundancy and resilience via all backhaul options across mobile and fixed sites using
    a) Ethernet via fiber from ISP
    b) LTE from carriers
    c) Mesh backhaul (Parallel Wireless solution)
    d) Fixed satellite egress.
  4. Interop PTT/video across Band-14/LMR
    Solution: MutuaLink enables Parallel’s Band-14 network to access LMR used by MACC Base and other agencies.
  5. National/Regional Redundant EPC
    Solution: To meet FirstNet specs and redundancy goals, tie MACC base to HNG/EPC at Nashua AND to EPC at TAMU lab.
*Distilled from FirstNet DRAFT RFP


MACC-Base dispatches Wilton Police Department Chief Hautanen to incident. Issues SONIM XP-7. Tower-mounted CWS-110 (Parallel Wireless RAN) provides Band 14 signal. HetNet Gateway (HNG) manages nodes, access to regional CORE (with IPsec). Video link established between MACC and Chief. At cruiser, chief mounts XP-7 as dash cam. In-vehicle CWS-203 provides Band 14 for UE, Wi-Fi for secure CJIS queries on laptop. Backhaul is provided via carrier LTE. At incident, XP-7 handset is switched from the dashboard (mobile) to portable by moving the handset to Chief’ Hautanen’s jacket. CAD monitors audio and video at incident.

Wilton PD, Chief Hautanen, with Parallel Wireless in-vehicle CWS