Working at Parallel Wireless

The startup life is much different from that of the traditional company – it is a lot of hard work and commitment, with just as much reward and satisfaction. Here at Parallel Wireless, we would like to share with you our experiences working for such a fast-moving and exciting company. This post is the first in a series of blogs written by our very own employees who wish to share what its like to work at Parallel Wireless.

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Sanjay Harwani

Director, Software – India


It’s tough to explain and capture how one feels working for a startup. It’s a feeling that one needs to go through and not hear from others. The difference is the same as watching somebody win a match and being the actual winner !!

It is very satisfying to note that we all at Parallel Wireless are working towards solving tough customer problems and that we have a range of products that tie together and provide an end-to-end solution rather than just *a* product. There is nothing more rewarding than focusing on the execution of our vision making cellular deployments and network maintenance as easy as Wi-Fi, working hard and seeing direct results.

Being a startup, the excitement is in the air and every day is definitely a step forward. What I personally enjoy the most is the culture of openness, creativity, and innovation.

It is also a whole new experience for me to be a part of a company that is growing fast and becoming more established in our domain. The team I lead grew 8-fold in just a year!

The people here are a pleasure to work with — people that help, people I can trust, and definitely people who care — they make it enjoyable to come to work and I do want them to be a part of my professional life for a very long time. To me, Parallel Wireless is like a beautiful constellation with the brightest stars in it making me proud to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. The leadership team consistently inspires, motivates, and makes us feel that we are not following, but we are actually going there together as ONE team.

Think about just the last 10 years in this industry – the technology world around us is changing and you have an opportunity to drive this change with us. My team is still growing, so if you are ready to play the match instead of watching on the sidelines, if you are ready to help us build this great company into something amazing, do reach out to us at