Believe in you and keep dreaming bigger

Sonali Gholap, Parallel Wireless, HRSonali Gholap

Human Resources, – India

Being in HR, I get to interact with many people in the industry with different views and expectations about startups. Some people say it’s a risk, but I say risk is everywhere, even stabilized companies do layoffs and can also get shut down. But then why do people think this way about startups? And when people decide to work for one, what exactly do people look for in startups from the technical point of view? Here’s a list that would normally be on top of mind:

  • Inspiring and interesting work
  • Working on a new technology
  • Good salary
  • Stock options
  • Good growth

Of course all five things are important when you think about it, but at the same time, these points all apply to the stabilized companies and the well-known big companies as well, right? Who doesn’t want money, who doesn’t want challenging work, who doesn’t want to work on new technology, who doesn’t want growth? Everyone looks for these, but I believe that the difference you make is important.

Here it goes… personally, I look for:

  • The best environment at work
  • Growth of the company that will take everyone to their individual goals eventually
  • Be a part of the company’s achievements
  • Think about innovative ideas

And many more – this is all a part of what it’s like working at Parallel Wireless.

Employees at Parallel Wireless are really making a difference in the telecom industry. Everyone is looking for their company to achieve and succeed on a shorter timeframe and this is happening for Parallel Wireless (way to go team!)

Why join Parallel Wireless?

Because we believe in:

  • Valuable and cutting-edge information
  • Innovative ideas and inspiring employees
  • Career boosts to all at Parallel Wireless – hard work gets rewarded
  • Awesome work environment
  • Ownership of a project

All of us at Parallel Wireless, including myself, are all very happy to be a part of such a growing company that is growing along with all their employees. Though it can be hard work, we also believe in a balanced life between family and work. While committed to the company, Parallel Wireless also respects individual’s lives and offers a flexible environment at work.

We all know the telecom industry is a fast-moving industry, and we are working on amazing technology, are proud of what we do, ambitious about innovation and collaboration, and keenly focused on our customers’ success. If you want to be in an innovative work environment where you can invent and create technology that has never existed, if you want to believe in your mission, believe in your team and keep dreaming bigger – join us. Exciting opportunities to participate in product development are available!