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System Engineer – India

The Secret to a rich life is more beginnings than endings – Dave Weinbaum

Relocating or going for a new job demands a lot of considerations, especially when you are moving from an already established brand name to a “startup.” It becomes even more difficult when you have to move far away from your family, friends, and personal ecosystem. Take a chance and trust your abilities, this can be your new beginning.

See things in present even if they are in the future – Larry Ellison, Founder, Oracle

The best part of working in a startup is you get to work on the latest innovations, technologies, and ideas that could become the future; you also grow personally with the organization. Being young and hungry for knowledge and learning, I always wished to be part of an organization where I am “ME”: people know me by my name and by my work, not by Employee ID or Email ID.

It is a good feeling to work hard and be recognized by this hard work; it validates all your efforts and reaffirms why you put in the extra elbow grease.

Why limit your horizon with a few things when you can fly high (higher than sky) with your wings – by me!

To work for such an ambitious company forces you to go above and beyond, take on new roles, and perhaps most importantly, adapt. So Yes! You have to work hard, but the positives of that hard work are that it gives you more chances to prove yourself, push yourself to the extreme, and enhance your horizons (which might otherwise be limited in bigger organizations). Reimaging cellular networks is no easy feat: it takes a lot of work from a lot of people. But when all this hard work comes together to create something truly new and innovative, it leaves everyone involved with a satisfaction that is hard to find in another environment. I love it and I’m sure you will love it too!

Don’t be limited by your job description – Stacey Snider

My job profile includes designing and deploying customized network designs using our solutions for our customers. These projects are “not just any projects”; they are touching peoples’ lives and are redefining the way we see the network (e.g. providing high speed cellular coverage to remote village or providing free WiFi inside a mobile bus) which offers benefits to not only operators, but also to the community.

One of my top reasons to work for a startup is the ocean of opportunities. To be honest, I cannot define my role in general terminology used in the industry. I am not restricted by the team/job role – I am working with System Engineering to design and deploy our solution for customers around the globe, but I also present my ideas to Product Management (about the roadmaps and future features), I am encouraged to give my inputs related to real field deployments to QA (testing team) and here I am writing a blog for my organization!

You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life – Heather Schuck

Here, we believe in the saying “Taking time to live life will only inspire your work”…trust me, it becomes more important and necessary when you are recently married and far from your circle. You know everyone here, everyone knows you. You get good friends by default, which makes it so easy for us (my better half and me) to settle down coming from a different place. If you are from the bunch of people who loves travelling, exploring places, photography etc., Pune is perfect for that, city of young souls, soothing climate, and lots of places to hang out.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out, we are hiring and would love for you to be the part of the family!