Akshay Wani, Parallel Wireless Software Engineer 2Akshay Wany

Software Engineer – India

Shed that extra fat, keep only what is required

Switching from one of the top IT organizations in the world to a small startup is like shedding that extra fat you’ve accumulated over the years; you lose the added weight of overhead processes and the mindset of working on someone else’s established philosophy instead of building a new vision.

When you work in such a big organization, you are restricted by the thousands of policies that make you do only a specific set of things and before you know it, your zeal to innovate gets lost in someone else’s dream of building an army of good engineers. As nice as it may be having access to every facility, be it a swimming pool, gym, or sports complex, you do not have the freedom to actually enjoy these facilities at your own convenience; slowly you tend to ignore that big campus and start to understand that all these things can be enjoyed only when the actual motive of joining that organization is fulfilled, which is technical and career growth.

I believe that working here at Parallel Wireless means you can be who you are, focus on the things that actually matter to the company, work on technologies that also let you grow individually and professionally, be free from all those unwanted (but necessary for larger corporations) restrictions.

If you are missing the happiness and satisfaction that comes from doing challenging work, or if you’re looking for more freedom or technical growth, then maybe it’s time to look for a career in a startup. Of course not everyone has startup in there DNA, and that is OK. But if the startup life sounds like it is for you, take a closer look at Parallel Wireless as your career choice. For me personally, I was missing many of these things prior to joining Parallel Wireless and found them all in a very short span of time while working here.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then come and join us, shed that “extra fat”, and realize your full potential – we would love for you to join our team!