Steven Kropper

VP of Business Development, US Public Safety – Nashua, NH

1,000x Wireless Growth

10x more users, 10x devices, 10x applications. This simple math gets me out of bed and headed to Parallel Wireless every morning….. though many mornings are on the road somewhere. This growth can be forgiving but we have to get most market steps correct.

Just as no war plan survives the first battle unchanged, likewise, every venture’s initial course is altered many times before one gets on the right path. Parallel Wireless is no different, and it takes our unique crew to pivot monthly, weekly, or for biz dev, sometimes in midstream in a presentation. For me, watching Parallel Wireless is about managing a portfolio of solutions, sniffing which ones have potential, quickly dumping dead ends and embracing ones that attract potential customers. Famed retailer, John Wanamaker, said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Every new venture has the same challenge.

I joined when Parallel Wireless had five employees in the basement. We started with a small cell hardware strategy and enhanced it with network capabilities. Time in market will show us which capabilities gain traction.

Every day, I pause and check whether my field trials, conferences and contacts are advancing us. I ask myself how my public safety initiatives might pay off directly in revenue or how they might be a backdoor to carrier revenue. Today, every stakeholder in public safety knows of Parallel Wireless and our disruptive solution. My job is to evangelize for the company and link Parallel Wireless to revenue through field trials that shape and discipline us and accelerate our transition from engineering driven to market driven. Hold on for the ride!

If you’d like to be a part of our journey to Reimagine the RAN, reach out! We are hiring and would love for you to join our dedicated team.