Driven by the realization that public safety must move to LTE technologies, the needs of the public safety market are dramatically evolving. Current LMR/PMR solutions may meet the needs for mission critical communications, however, they are not sufficient to meet the communication requirements of today and tomorrow.

At APCO 2015, Cisco demonstrated a complete public safety LTE solution by bringing different vendors to form an interoperable ecosystem that can deliver on the promise of resilient and reliable LTE for public safety, all while allowing a graceful migration from the existing solutions. Parallel Wireless provided the RAN component of this ecosystem, including in-vehicle and deployable form factors managed by our RAN orchestrator.

Our in-vehicle solution was also presented by our Founder and CTO, Rajesh Mishra, in a speaking session at the event. You can see his session here.

At Parallel Wireless, we are developing solutions that make deployments of any type of cellular network, for consumers or public sector, as easy and cost-effective as Enterprise Wi-Fi while delivering additional levels of control, security, resilience, and traffic prioritization for public safety LTE.