Gaurav Saraswat, Parallel Wireless QA EngineerGaurav Saraswat

QA Engineer – Nashua, NH

Working at Parallel Wireless

Having worked with multiple different kinds of organizations, a startup was the only taste missing from my plate. This taste was filled by Parallel Wireless and I would say this is the best taste I’ve had. I know now why so many people get addicted to working in a startup.

It has been around two years since I started working with Parallel Wireless. Bored with the quotidian work of established companies over the last eight years of my career, working with a startup was both challenging as well as exciting for me.

I joined as the 13th employee on our India team and I loved working there since day one. I am one of the few fortunate employees who got a chance to work at both main locations of the company (Pune, India and Nashua, NH, USA). The company culture and work environment at both locations was open and transparent which was totally different from the other companies I have worked with. I was a little scared at first since everything was novel and there were so few people I could take reference from at first. But this feeling quickly gave way to the feeling of confidence that develops when people can rely on you.

Upon moving to the US to work in our main office, being away from my family in a new place made me a little homesick; but the culture of the company along with the warm nature of my colleagues, and the reward of being a part of something that I loved, helped to hold my feet tightly to the soil and made the transition much easier. Slowly, Parallel Wireless became my second family. Working with Parallel Wireless has been like nurturing a baby and each step the company took made me proud. Today, I feel like a proud (and sometimes overwhelmed) guardian who is waiting for their child to achieve its desired milestones.

Parallel Wireless has given me and many others the opportunity to explore my inner capabilities. The protean challenges and experiences I have gained during the company’s growth has given me immense confidence. I feel fortunate to be working with some of the best minds in such a niche technology.

If you would like to learn more about the Parallel Wireless culture, reach out, we are hiring!