Sourabh Nanoti

HNG Development Engineer – Pune, India

For any computer engineer, working in a start-up organization is a dream come true. It took almost 8 years for my dream to become reality with Parallel Wireless. And believe me, those 8 years are worth the wait!

At Parallel Wireless I got an ‘unparalleled’ view of the latest innovations in the wireless telecom world and to become a part of the paradigm shift that this company is trying to achieve has been truly exciting.

We all work for one reason or another, but they say that the best job is when you get to work on things that you enjoy. And if you enjoy the thrill of working on a cutting edge or revolutionary technology I must say, Parallel Wireless is the place to be.


For any company to succeed, it has to be built on moral values. The company built on values are the ones who are in it for the long haul. It’s not easy to have a uniform culture when the company is spread across 3 continents, it requires something special. And that is the biggest asset here at Parallel Wireless: The TEAM.

When I hear the words form our founders, that the team here at Parallel Wireless is the biggest asset to the company, it makes me feel fortunate and proud at the same time to be around individuals who are not only very talented technically but also have golden hearts.

I don’t know where the journey at Parallel Wireless will take me, but I am sure that I will enjoy every moment of being in the caravan.

After all, the journey to reach a goal exceeds the goal itself.

If you would like to learn more about working at Parallel Wireless, reach out, we are hiring!