With the coming of a new year also comes the inevitable struggle to make the adjustment to writing “2016” rather than “2015” in the date columns. The other tell-tale sign of a New Year is the “Year in Review” posts and emails distributed by companies large and small. 2015 was a fast-paced, busy, and monumental year for Parallel Wireless and as such, we too would like to share with everyone all that we have accomplished.

2015 started off with a BANG as we announced our first customer agreement with EE to bring coverage to rural communities throughout the UK. As our coming out party (so to speak), this was especially exciting as a young startup and we were thrilled to announce it with such a reputable carrier as EE. Our gratitude and excitement only increased as we saw award nominations roll-in throughout the year. This deployment was nominated for a total of five awards, two of which we won:

By being recognized by the industry for our innovation and hard-work, we also began to get noticed more by talented individuals who were eager to be on the forefront of the next big thing. As a result, our team nearly doubled in size! This also led to us opening another office in India. As our company grew, we decided to share with the world what it’s like to work for a fast-paced and dedicated startup. And so our Working at Parallel Wireless blog series was born.

2015 also saw the introduction of our reimagined RAN orchestrator, the HetNet Gateway (HNG). HNG was the next-generation version of our previous product, LTE Access Controller; it included new features and functionality and orchestrates 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks. HetNet Gateway was also recognized by the industry having been nominated for four more awards:

This brought our total award nominations to nine, but being the hungry team that we are, we didn’t stop there. Our Converged Wireless System (CWS), which is a key component to the award-winning deployment with EE, also received a few award noms from Small Cell Forum for “Small Cell Backhaul Design and Technology” and “Small Cell Access Point and Design Technology”.

Speaking of Small Cell Forum, Parallel Wireless also successfully completed interop testing at a plugfest in May hosted by Small Cell Form and ETSI. The plugfest included 12 different member companies and sought to address key issues with LTE small cells.

Parallel Wireless also had the pleasure of participating in and speaking at several industry events for both the telecom and public safety markets including (but not limited to) APCO, CTIA, Small Cells, Americas, and IWCE. Being involved in these shows has allowed us to gain some great insight into the industry and as such has helped drive our strategy.

Part of this strategy includes key partnerships with other innovative companies to help us continue to Reimagine the RAN. One of these partnerships was our announcement with PeerApp and Saguna to deliver a reimagined content caching solution that enhances Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). This partnership improves backhaul capacity and reduces latency to improve the end-user experience.

Another collaboration announced in 2015 was with Intel to deliver innovative multi-technology reference designs. This announcement enables mobile operators to deploy HetNets as easily and cost-effectively as Wi-Fi by delivering multi-mode 3G/4G solutions.

Stepping into the public safety side of our business, Parallel Wireless has also kept busy with many public safety trials both within the US as well as abroad:

Our MACC base deployment brought us another award nomination for LTE North America’s award for “Most Innovative LTE Application/Service”.

Parallel Wireless was also named to Fierce Wireless’ “Fierce 15” list that recognizes innovative startups to watch out for in the years ahead. Additionally, Parallel Wireless was named a finalist for the Fierce Innovation Awards: Telecom Edition, bringing our total award nominations for the year to a whopping 13!

2015 was truly a tremendous year for us and we would like to sincerely thank our dedicated team members, our partners and customers, and the organizations who acknowledged the hard-work that we put in to make cellular as easy and cost-effective as Wi-Fi. As we bid adieu to 2015, we also eagerly look ahead to 2016 as this year will surely bring more challenges and triumphs for our young company. Stay tuned to hear about what we have in store!

From all of us at Parallel Wireless, thank you for coming along for the ride and we wish all a very happy 2016!