Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE - shieldJULY, 2016 – Parallel Wireless LTE infrastructure makes LTE deployment as fast as dispatch and as simple to install as Wi-Fi. For Super Bowl 50, we deployed our Band 14 network with just 20 days warning. For the RNC in Cleveland we are asked to deploy with 12 days to plan. At the Super Bowl, we had a Sonim device sending a video that could be watched by connecting to a Skype ID. For the RNC, we will once again stream the event LIVE on our Facebook page; this live stream will show the entire network exercise, from installation to live network deployment.

Be sure to tune to our Facebook page for LIVE updates and videos from the event!

Day 1


Posted by Parallel Wireless, Inc. on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 2


Posted by Parallel Wireless, Inc. on Monday, July 18, 2016

Because of the deadline, Parallel Wireless (PW) has built redundancy into the network deployment plan.

RAN mounting locations, power and backhaul are expected from three parties:

  1. Sprint’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) unit plans to deploy 1-2 CoWs with satellite backhaul and a tall mast
  2. Agile Networks is providing several sites in Cleveland to provide fiber backhaul, power, and mounting locations
  3. Three local property owners have been engaged as mount, power, and backhaul alternatives

Each site will support PW’s small cell eNodeBs with integrated backhaul.

CORE/EPC from different locations or multi-core EPC capabilities gives control of the network:

  • Network orchestration with real-time SON for self-configuration and self-optimization is provided by PW’s HetNet Gateway co-located at the LTE core (EPC) at Harris County (Houston). HNG allows re-routing to multiple EPCs based on end user SIM
  • In addition, PW has a standalone core on site in the event of backhaul failure
  • Integration of PW’s HNG with LARICS is in progress and may provide a third level of redundancy.

The Band 14 network will enable voice and data to any SONIM handset. These applications are being supported by Parallel Wireless’ Band 14 LTE network:

  • Interoperability between legacy LMR, Band 14 and cellular carriers is provided by Mutualink
  • Media sharing (video) comes from the Mutualink EDGE application on SONIM and any mobile phone handsets
  • Situational awareness (Intrepid Networks).