July 2016 – Chicago, IL – From the Super Bowl to Indy Motor Speedway and Republican National Convention, and now on to Lollapalooza, Parallel Wireless is demonstrating to public safety users the benefits of band 14 LTE.

TOURTech won the Band-14-In-A-Box contest at IWCE and so invited Parallel Wireless to provide band 14 coverage at Lollapalooza. “Lolla” is a popular two-day music festival in the US that hosts thousands of music fans every year – there were over 400,000 visitors over four days! At events such as these, it’s crucial that public safety not only maintains voice communications, but also has access to live video and image sharing. Today’s LMR systems provide voice and push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities, but do not enable multimedia sharing. When video or images, text or other data applications matter, that is where Parallel Wireless public safety broadband network comes in.

For this deployment, TOURTech was able to provide three installation locations:

  1. At the Northwest corner of the venue (Jackson Drive @ Michigan Avenue)
  2. At the Southwest corner of the venue (Balbo Avenue @ Michigan Avenue)
  3. On the East side of the venue (centered on Lake Shore Drive)

Ultimately we installed our Converged Wireless System (CWS) eNodeBs at two of these locations:

  1. One CWS was installed on a 10’ tripod atop a production trailer at Balbo Ave. & Michigan Ave.
  2. Two CWS’ installed at the East side of the venue (Lake Shore Dr.) using 120° aperture antennas

These locations enabled coverage across the venue, with each CWS spanning a diagonal 660 meters to the Northwest and Southwest corners. Additional network components were as follows:

  • Backhaul to each CWS was provided by TOURTech
  • Power supplied by local generators
  • Connected to Ericsson EPC located in Harris County, TX (Parallel Wireless also brought our own mini EPC as a backup core option)

Eight Sonim handsets were distributed to public safety users; all were able to demonstrate video capabilities simultaneously over this band 14 network. Using the Mutualink app also allowed users to use PTT capabilities for LMR to LTE interoperability. As an added bonus, we were also able to demonstrate ad hoc video surveillance capabilities: 2 Sonim handsets were attached to lamp posts and set to auto-answer so the Sonim-equipped public safety personnel could use Skype to call these fixed devices and were then automatically connected to a live video stream of the event.

As a result, this network demonstrated:

  • Fast and easy installation of a band 14 LTE network via self-configuration capabilities of Parallel Wireless’ solution
  • PTT capabilities and LMR to LTE interoperability using Mutulaink app on Sonim devices
  • Video sharing capabilities and ad hoc video surveillance using Sonim handsets

Thank you to TOURTech for inviting us to demonstrate our band 14 public safety LTE solution at Lollapalooza and thank you to Mutualink and Sonim for joining us! Thanks to the FCC and FirstNet for supporting the effort. Thanks to Chicago Police department and the OEMC for participating.

Steve KropperVP Business Development, US Public Safety