Aniket Pagar

Software Developer- Pune, India

I started working with Parallel Wireless in August 2017 as a freshman. I was a little scared as I started work with a startup. But this feeling quickly gave way to the feeling of confidence that develops when people have faith on you and encourage you to learn.

Being in college as placement coordinator, I get to interact with many people in the industry from startups to a big companies with different views and expectations. I look for a company with good growth, working on latest technology and good salary.


Parallel Wireless has given me the opportunity to explore my inner capabilities and has given me more responsibilities and opportunities. In Parallel Wireless, you are given the chance to do a lot of different things, learn from true innovators, and work in an awesome atmosphere where you’re recognized for your successes (and your failures).

At Parallel Wireless, you’ll be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.

If you would like to learn more about working at Parallel Wireless, reach out, we are hiring!