Zahid Ghadialy

Senior Director, Strategic Marketing – UK

Connecting the Unconnected

When I was asked recently to write about working at Parallel Wireless (hereafter referred to as PW), I was thinking about a small novel (maybe 200-250 pages) and already planning a sequel in 2019. However, my dreams came crashing down when I was told to restrict it to a few paragraphs.

During my second week in PW, I was manning the PW booth at Small Cells World Summit in London. Here we were nominated for four awards and we won two. It was an amazing experience to be on the stage collecting awards with the PW team in just my second week at the company. But this was just the start of the journey.

While I can talk about how I solved some challenging field testing issues or how we sent our CWS-1000 into the skies (and again with pre-5G backhaul), the one thing that really touched my heart was connecting the unconnected people worldwide.


Its amazing that in this day and age we are still bound by the law of physics where radio waves can’t travel through hills and mountains. People have long used no connectivity as an excuse to wonder around the beautiful countryside surrounded by waterfalls, hills and/or sheep without having to worry about people calling them.

Some of these excuses may become things of past as we help operators get connectivity into nooks and crannies. It’s always a challenge getting connectivity into these hard to reach places but the end results are very satisfying.

 New role, new challenges

Having recently transitioned from the solutions architecture team to the marketing team, I am now focusing on how to make the world aware of our innovative solutions.

I will be involved in quite a few events and conferences this year and already working hard with other members of the marketing team preparing for the Mobile World Congress 2018. It’s the first time we will have our own booth at MWC and this makes us super-excited about all the things we will be able to show and tell.

One final thing…

I am very grateful to all the dedicated people who work at PW. Every day I get to learn something new which keeps me motivated and gets me out of the bed nice and early, even though I mainly work from home. As a young company, it’s good to see that we are all focused towards the same goal, making PW successful. I am looking forward to visiting our offices in Pune and Bangalore soon and getting to know more of our amazing colleagues.

If you would like to learn more about working at Parallel Wireless, reach out, we are hiring!