Chandrakant Patond

CWS Development Engineer- India

The good thing about working in a startup is getting to work on the latest technologies with unique ideas, push yourself beyond your limits to accomplish your goals, job satisfaction, good work life balance and part of company’s achievements.

Having started my career in Parallel Wireless, I became a part of a fast growing team that is dedicated to solving the real life problems of customers.  Working here has definitely added valuable experience in my career and I am very happy to be a part of this family.


Working at Parallel Wireless is not just a job, it’s a mission where working on the end to end process of cellular networks is challenging as well as exciting for me. At Parallel Wireless work environment is free with flexible working hours and even allows work from home.

As a freshman, the company is providing good salary with stock options. Opportunity to learn from experts, as most of the employees in the company are skillful in their respective field with helping nature. In Parallel Wireless the work is on new technologies to let you grow technically, mentally and economically.

If you would like to learn more about working at Parallel Wireless, reach out, we are hiring!