Gayatri Bhoi

Software Developer – India

I joined Parallel Wireless as a freshman one month ago. Working as a freshman in a company like Parallel Wireless is a great experience. It’s a startup which is growing at very fast pace, so you get to learn and explore lot of things and get the same perks of working in a successful company at the same time. You truly get the best of both worlds.

The training we get here is not like long classroom trainings sessions but instead we get on-job training and we get to learn things as we continue working on them. We became part of the team in less than a week.


And finally, the work environment here is very friendly and more open than in other companies I’ve worked with. We were welcomed to the company with smiling faces and curious eyes. Everybody here is always ready to help each other. They tried to make us feel comfortable in the new environment. Choosing Parallel Wireless was a great decision indeed.

If you would like to learn more about working at Parallel Wireless, reach out, we are hiring!