Terri Behm

Senior Technical Writer – Nashua

Balance. We all seek it in our lives. Now, there’s a growing amount of evidence that having a healthy balance of men and women on work teams leads to better ideas, increased productivity, and positive outcomes.

Things are changing as more women choose to study STEM-related subjects and businesses realize the benefit of mixed-gender teams, however, women are still well outnumbered by men in high tech.

I’ve been lucky to work at companies that champion women in technology, but I think Parallel Wireless is the first place I’ve worked where I’m rarely the only woman in a meeting, or in the break room, or part of a cross-functional team. That is a new and wonderful experience. The general atmosphere of   collaboration and inclusion here is unique as well.


One of the primary reasons I chose to interview at Parallel Wireless was based on a deep respect for Co-Founder and VP of Development Kaitki Agarwal. When I joined, I was pleased to discover there are also many other experienced women in lead positions here, and willing mentors for the younger women coming on board. It’s a great balance.

If you would like to feel less like a lone female and more like a valued team member, come talk to us!