Its hard to believe but ready or not, 2018 is just around the corner and for Parallel Wireless, the end of 2017 marks a very successful (and busy!) year with much to be proud of. As we prepare for the New Year, join us as we journey back to review what 2017 had in store for Parallel Wireless…

We started off the year giddy with excitement as we received a nomination for the GLOMO Awards in the category for Best Mobile Breakthrough. Our third year in a row receiving this nomination, our rural solution deployed with EE/BT and Telefonica was again in the spotlight for cost-effectively connecting the unconnected around the world. But these two leading operators were not the only ones benefiting from our award-winning technology; later in January Optus began rolling out our solution in the remote regions of the Outback! Using satellite backhaul, Optus was able to deploy our solution along popular tourist locations and along major highways to ensure travelers and locals alike could stay connected in rural Australia.

Read more about this deployment from Telecom Times

Fresh off the excitement of another award nomination and customer announcement, it was off to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, CA to deploy our public safety LTE solution! Partnering with LA-RICS, we provided coverage at not only the parade, but also as a permanent solution at Fire Camp 2 in California. We were extremely fortunate to have FirstNet early adopters, LA-RICS, supporting our claims of making public safety LTE as easy and cost-effective as Wi-Fi and with their support, we proved this to be true! Check out the video and see for yourself: LA-RICS discusses Parallel Wireless LTE deployments at Rose Bowl and Fire Camp 2

Having already deployed in rural and public safety scenarios, it could be easy for some to assume Parallel Wireless as outdoor-only solution providers. These assumptions would quickly be unfounded however as we soon announced an expansion of our indoor vRAN solution ecosystem by partnering with Node-H and Arcadyan in February 2017. With this announcement, our solution is able to provide enterprise networks with cost-effective indoor coverage that also improves the end-user experience.


Further innovating on our solution, we announced an expansion of our voice offerings in the same month through a partnership with NetNumber. By integrating NetNumber’s IMS core with our HetNet Gateway, our solution was now capable of providing VoLTE services in our complete virtualized network solution. But don’t take our word for it… read about what TeleSemena and Telecom Times had to say about this innovative collaboration!

We didn’t stop there though as we knew the sky’s the limit for Parallel Wireless! Later in February, we teamed up with our customer, EE, to attach our CWS base station to a helikite to provide aerial coverage. This innovative trial allows EE to use this solution to fill coverage gaps or bring emergency coverage in rural areas and at festivals without building out costly cell towers.

Despite having so many new and exciting announcements, this was just the tip of the iceberg as February still had Mobile World Congress on the horizon! This was our biggest MWC yet as we joined our partners, KMW, at their booth to showcase our product portfolio and hardware innovation. In addition to a presence at KMW’s booth, we also had a stand with Small Cell Forum and had an innovative quad-carrier femto demonstration on display in Vodafone’s booth! The hustle and bustle of MWC is sure to run any team ragged, but the Parallel Wireless team is made of stronger stuff as we had a tremendous event with countless meetings, several presentations, and successful demos. Didn’t get a chance to visit us last year? Not to worry! We’ve compiled some great coverage and recaps from the event below:

To top MWC 2017 will be no easy feat, but rest assured our team is hard at work to do just that for MWC 2018 – so stay tuned!

If you are attending MWC 2018, reach out to schedule a meeting with us – openings are booking up fast!

Two months into 2017 and Parallel Wireless was already well underway to Reimagining Your Network!

After the hype of MWC had died down, we were onto IWCE in Las Vegas. Though not as big of an event as MWC, IWCE gave us the opportunity to showcase our public safety LTE solution alongside our partners NetNumber and LA-RICS. Some photos and videos from the event can be found below:

Continuing our mission to reimagine public safety LTE, we went from Las Vegas to Oklahoma to participate in a public safety exercise. Referred to as the Oklahoma Road Show, this event allowed us to demonstrate to public safety agencies and government officials how our compact and lightweight solution serves as a cost-effective alternative for providing coverage to every first responder.

The public safety market got a chance to experience our expertise in 4G LTE, but in April the service provider market was introduced to how we can also innovate towards 5G as we received a nomination for Light Reading’s “Most Innovative 5G Strategy” in the 2017 Leading Lights Awards! This nomination highlighted our HetNet Gateway as an any-G network orchestrator that provides cost-savings and simplification for any cellular market and was certainly the highlight for us at this year’s Big Communications Event!

Shortly after celebrating the Leading Lights nomination we were on to Small Cells World Summit in London where we received news of three more award nominations, this time from Small Cell Forum! The first award solidified us as the best rural solution provider as our deployment in Australia with Optus went on to WIN the award for “Excellence in Commercial Deployment of Rural/Remote Small Cells” – this was our 3rd consecutive year winning this award (previously with EE/BT and for our deployment at Super Bowl 50). The 2nd award would go to HetNet Gateway in the category of “HetNet Management Software and Service” category. HNG’s ability to orchestrate 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks is what stood out here as we went on to WIN this category as well! The third and final award nomination was for “Commercial Small Cell Backhaul Design and Technology”, with Parallel Wireless being recognized for our unique ability to use ANY backhaul for our deployments.

Didn’t make it to SCWS17? Not to worry – ThinkSmallCell provided a great report of the event here!

As we celebrated the latest award wins with cakes and donuts (a tradition here at PW!), some members of our Nashua office showed off their athleticism and competitive spirit in a local soccer league!

We were now halfway through the summer as we shifted our focus to two more events: BT’s Innovation Week and CANTO 2017.

In Punta Cana for CANTO 2017, our team engaged with operators in Latin America and the Caribbean, discussing how our low-cost, easy to deploy, and resilient solution is ideal for such markets! And of course, the beauty of the location certainly helped make it a great event 🙂

Innovation Week was also an exciting event full of breakthrough technologies and we were honored to have been invited! The innovation displayed by Parallel Wireless was an add on to our previously announced helikite deployment, this time using pre-standards 5G backhaul to provide coverage from the air. This trial was truly innovative as it showed how our flexible backhaul capabilities really can work with ANY IP-based backhaul while also displaying the unique capability to take to the sky in order to increase coverage. Judging by the great news coverage we received from this demo, industry press must have also believed this to be exciting and groundbreaking:

By now, our followers, team members, and customers know about Parallel Wireless’ mission to improve people’s lives through providing reliable connectivity. However, sometimes a more immediate effort is required to make an impact. And so, our Nashua office decided to participate in a backpack drive where team members could donate school supplies to underprivileged families as the school year approached. It always feels good to give back, and you can certainly tell by the smiles in the pictures below!

Typically, as the end of summer approaches one would think of warm days by the pool or beach, but Parallel Wireless had our minds elsewhere as we announced yet another customer signing with Ice Wireless in Northern Canada. Despite the sweltering heat of summer, we were working hard to ensure the communities of Northern Canada would have reliable cellular coverage come the cold days of winter. In harsh environments such as these, having the ability to stream videos and stay in touch with loved ones are warming comforts often taken for granted. Luckily, thanks to Ice Wireless and Parallel Wireless, these arctic communities could now enjoy these activities even during the coldest, snowiest winter months!

Read more about this deployment from RCR Wireless, Smart Cities World, and The Mobile Network!

Not to forget about our important public safety LTE work, it was then off to APCO to showcase how we can enable coverage to every first responder.

Meanwhile in our India offices, Sanjay Harwani had the honor of joining a panel discussion at Communique 2017 where he discussed the evolution of the telecom industry and the roles of M2M, IoT, and 5G:

Being a global team, we are often busy at events around the world, and this year was no different as we also had the privilege to attend New Scientist 2017. This was another opportunity for us to showcase our innovative helikite deployment, which was even interesting enough to crack the top 5 coolest things according to Irish News!

Despite the travel and motivation to shake up the cellular world, there was still time to have some fun as we transformed our labs and offices into a haunted house to celebrate Halloween! Team members enjoyed decorating their cubes and offices and got to show them off as families and kids came through for our own trick or treating!

But the festivities were not held strictly to Nashua; our offices in India were having celebrations of their own to enjoy the holiday of Diwali! Team members dressed up in their most colorful outfits, played games, shared delicious food, and enjoyed one another’s company.

With our team constantly growing thanks to recent hiring efforts at local campuses, this was a great way to welcome our newest team members!

After the candy and colors were all gone, our team headed out to The Lone Star State to represent Parallel Wireless at our very first CCA Annual Convention. This was yet another successful event that presented the opportunity to network with Tier 2 & 3 operators from around the US.

After saying “Howdy!” to the folks in Fort Worth, TX, our team prepared for AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa. This was our first time exhibiting at this event and boy was it busy! We had meetings with over 70 booth visitors and were fortunate enough to have WON another award, this time for “Most Innovative LTE Service/Application Deployment”!

Additional news coverage about this award can be found from Screen Africa

In conjunction with AfricaCom, we also introduced new capabilities as we announced the addition of 2G capabilities to our end-to-end solution. With this announcement, our solution became TRULY any-G ready and allows operators in developing markets to deploy 2G today and easily upgrade to 4G (or even 5G) without replacing their equipment. This opens up new opportunities in these markets as service providers can now connect the unconnected while preparing for the future, all for one low investment!

IT News Africa, Developing Telecoms and Gizbot are just a few of the publications that had great things to write about this announcement!

November proved to be quite eventful as we not only had news and event participation, but also another award announcement, this time with the Aegis Graham Bell Award. This award would also recognize our Outback deployment to connect the unconnected.

Thankful for a successful announcement, event, and award win, we again took a moment to enjoy each other’s company as we hosted our fourth food drive. Delicious meals were prepared and we all had the pleasure of gorging on amazing entrées and desserts with the winners of the “Best Meal” and “Best Dessert” competitions going to Abhijit Patil and Kavitha Paruchuri for their dishes Chicken Masala Puri and Sunrise Pudding, respectively. In addition to the potluck, we also collected donations for the local food bank through an annual food drive to do our part to help local families in need.

The traditional potluck and food drive only marked the start of our holiday season as our team was soon dressing their cubes and desks with festive holiday decorations! Voting was held in Nashua to see whose office was the most festive (congratulations to Polly Newcomb for that win!) while we also held an ugly sweater contest. The winners for best ugly sweaters were Diana Chapman and Eric Mrozinski.

Voting on best decorations and best dressed was a lot of fun, almost as much fun as the Yankee Swap and office holiday party!

2017 truly has been an incredible year for the Parallel Wireless team and we are so grateful for our team members, customers, partners, and followers for joining us on our voyage. But being the ambitious team that we are, 2018 will only have more excitement, announcements, and deployments, so be sure to check back in and see what we’re up to as we move into the New Year!

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