4.4 billion people in the world are still unconnected which presents a great opportunity for mobile operators to deliver new coverage. At the same time, by 2020, 37 billion new things will have joined the internet – which again, will present an opportunity to generate new revenue for global MNOs.

In the very near future, the growth and convergence of information, people, and things on the Internet will make wireless connections more relevant and valuable than ever before, creating opportunities for countries, industries, and individuals. And that is where Parallel Wireless comes in.

Parallel Wireless is reimagining the networks and building solutions that will enable and accelerate the long-term transition from today’s 2G/3G/4G to tomorrow’s 5G cellular networks, IoT, and Smart countries.

In the span of a past decade, we’ve gone from a majority of voice-only 2G networks to widespread data-first LTE networks. In the decade to come, expectations are for wireless networks to rival the capacity and speed we experience on wired networks today. In the same way that the architecture for voice-only 2G networks was inappropriate for data-first networks, the architecture of today’s LTE rollout will face serious challenges cost-effectively achieving the capacity and coverage aspirations for 5G.

Only Parallel Wireless is on the mission to innovate with the purpose to simplify the cellular infrastructure and allow new coverage deployments at much lower cost while connecting the previously unconnected things and people at work, home, school, play and in emergencies.

All of this points to the need for more intelligent coordination and orchestration in the RAN. We are well on our way to this future with our introduction of the HetNet Gateway and Converged Wireless System which have been honored with 45 industry awards nominations: “Most Innovative LTE Service/Application Deployment” by AfricaCom; “Best technology breakthrough” by GSMA Global Mobile Awards; “Best network platform based on network intelligence for SDN/NFV” by Network Intelligence Alliance; “Most innovative SDN strategy 2015” and “Most Innovative Wireless Service (3G, 4G, Carrier Wi-Fi) 2016” by Leading Lights; “Most innovative LTE service” and “Best LTE core product” by Telecoms.com LTE Awards; “Best access point design and technology” AND “Best backhaul design and technology” by Small Cell Forum; SPIFFY Awards for “Best Communication Solutions” by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley; CTIA’s e-Tech Awards 2015, Wide Area Network (WAN) category for “Enabling RAN Hyperconnectivity with HetNet Gateway”. Parallel Wireless’ micro-network technology deployed by EE has also WON the awards for Leading Lights “Most innovative wireless service” and Small Cell Forum’s “Excellence in rural deployment”. HetNet Gateway has also won The Network Intelligence Alliance’s Intelligent Open Networking (IOPN) Award for “Best Innovation combining intelligence with open networking“. Parallel Wireless has also been named by Fierce Wireless to its “Fierce 15” list which highlights top emerging technology startups of great potential.

You are no longer just looking for a technology provider.  You are looking for a strategic partner who understands your needs and can help Reimagine Your Network through cost reduction when delivering new coverage and staying relevant and profitable.

Parallel Wireless is your innovative partner who has connected the unconnected and delivered new coverage on 6 continents. Our roadmap and vision will introduce more capabilities and continue to reimagine the network. We look forward to sharing more as we fully realize this vision.