Enabling A Scalable HetNet

Each phase of the cellular network development faced new and unique challenges. Early on, it was solving the basic mobility challenge of handoffs, then it was addressing the density of calls, more recently it was the introduction of IP as the foundation of the network. In each of these cases, the biggest challenges always were addressed through innovating either the core of the network itself (handoffs, IP) or modulation schemes (increasing the number of channels for voice, data, etc.). But the evolution of the basic structure of the radio network itself didn’t progress that much throughout all of this innovation. Hence the defining challenge for the next ten years is finding a cost-effective way to manage a much more complex radio network driven by HetNets and the evolution to 5G.

Whether macro, metro, rural, small cell, public safety or enterprise, we are reimagining how to accelerate the LTE access network build out while paving the road to 5G HetNets. Learn more about our solutions for public safety here.

Parallel Wireless has developed the following offerings to effectively orchestrate and manage HetNets:

Nominated by the Network Intelligence Alliance as the Best Technical Platform based on Network Intelligence for SDN/NFV, HETNET GATEWAY (HNG) makes a true HetNet easy to scale. HNG uses open, and fully 3GPP-compliant interfaces and is built on principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). It virtualizes the unified multi-vendor Radio Access Network (RAN) on high-availability, carrier-grade, standard data center computing hardware. It dynamically orchestrates and manages all cellular RAN configurations in real-time while abstracting RAN changes from the packet core network and the packet core network changes from the RAN. HNG helps cost-effectively roll out new nodes, manage coverage, and enhance customer experience. With HetNet Gateway, deploying and maintaining carrier-grade cellular networks becomes as easy as Wi-Fi.

Enables cost-effective 2G, 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi hardware to be much more capable...

CONVERGED WIRELESS SYSTEM (CWS) is a reimagined base station. It’s a 3GPP-compliant carrier-grade/fleet-grade multi-RAT node with integrated flexible backhaul including resilient backhaul mesh in the same form factor. It is available in different form factors including outdoor, in-vehicle, and deployable. The nodes utilize commodity components and the latest powerful, but cost-effective System on Chip (SoC), as a result the system can deliver reliable coverage at an affordable price point for Service Providers. It creates a strong wireless signal and provides consumers with access to superfast mobile broadband. The CWS base stations are easy to install with HetNet Gateway – literally under an hour, and do not require any on-going maintenance.

Parallel Wireless Network Architecture 2016

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