Real-Time, Multi-Technology, Multi-Vendor HetNet Orchestration

To meet the subscriber demands of today and tomorrow, operators introduce new radio equipment and deploy not only a mix of radio technologies (including both cellular and Wi-Fi), but also a mix of backhaul topologies and a mix of cores. With this heterogeneous mix of network components, HetNets require elasticity and programmability, dynamic policies for content and subscribers, and network resilience. All of this drives up the cost and complexity of network installations and maintenance. With network densification increasing in order to accommodate for additional capacity, there is a need for multi-technology and multi-vendor orchestration solution that can reduce both cost and complexity of network deployments and management.

Nominated by the Network Intelligence Alliance as the Best Technical Platform based on Network Intelligence for SDN/NFV, by Leading Lights as the Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy, by LTE Awards for Best LTE Core Network Product, and placing 3rd in CTIA’s eTech Awards for Wide Area Network (WAN) category, HetNet Gateway (HNG) from Parallel Wireless is a 100% 3GPP-compliant SDN- and NFV-based carrier-grade network orchestrator that unleashes a dramatic cost advantage while enabling operators to both scale and grow their multi-vendor multi-technology (3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi) networks. Read the ThinkSmallCell white paper on “HetNet Orchestration: The fourth dimension for wireless capacity growth”.

HNG uses standard interfaces to unify real-time, multi-technology, multi-vendor RANs, presenting them as one common interface to any vendor 3G or 4G core. This allows hundreds of nodes or APs to be abstracted in a similar way to VMware to allow hundreds of servers to be managed as an abstraction. The HNG readily fits into existing or greenfield networks between the RAN and the packet core, and abstracts the RAN on any COTS hardware while making the RAN self-configuring, self-optimizing, and self-healing.

Radio access-independent, the HNG solution supports multiple radio access technologies with virtualized gateway network functions (VNFs), as well as real-time multi-technology SON and multi-technology C-RAN. With the HNG, Parallel Wireless is committed to helping mobile operators solve today’s spectrum and radio resource challenges, while extending network investments and significantly reducing the cost to deploy or maintain unified HetNets. By utilizing virtualized DPDK fast path – with accelerator – the HNG solution offers plenty of capacity for high network performance.

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The Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway is backed by Parallel Wireless’s outstanding and industry-leading customer service and support, including different levels of service and support to meet your needs. The Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway enables us (via Parallel Wireless Uni-Manage EMS) to provide best-of-class performance monitoring, remote management and troubleshooting, and the Parallel Wireless team stands behind its products with regular software updates and fixes.