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You’ve seen our Band 14 deployments all across the US over the last 2+ years: from New Hampshire to Montana, California to Texas. Our most famous Band 14 deployment was of course at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco where two FBI technicians deployed our solution in under 20 minutes. Now, public safety agencies across the US will get a chance to see for themselves just how easy this Band 14 solution is to deploy.

Band-14-In-A-Box Trials

Here are the deployments where our Band-14-In-A-Box is being trialed; as some of these dates and locations are still being confirmed, this list will be updated regularly:

  1. Grundy County ETSB 911 – Springfield, IL
  2. Mission Critical Partners 911 – Hualapi Tribe Reservation, AZ
  3. Mission Critical Partners 911 – 2nd location TBD
  4. Colorado FirstNet, Adams County – Denver, CO
  5. TOURtech – location TBD
  6. Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indianapolis, IN
  7. Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
  8. Local public safety agencies – Grand Canyon, AZ

Be sure to check back to this page often as we will update this list with case studies from the Band-14-In-A-Box deployments as the kit rolls along!