Deploying Band 14 at New York City Marathon

The 9/11 attacks affected all of us in more ways that we can describe, but it was also very important for the evolution of public safety communications – this was the place where the idea of an interoperable emergency services network was born. It was radio incompatibility in New York City between NYPD and FDNY […]

5 Considerations for a Successful Public Safety LTE Deployment

Rajesh Mishra, President & CTO | May 13, 2015

Joining Parallel Wireless to Solve the Rural Challenge

Kevin Kleinsmith, Solutions Architect | August 22, 2016

CTIA shortlists Parallel Wireless for two E-Tech Awards 2016!

Parallel Wireless is honored to announce that we have been shortlisted for TWO awards at the 10th annual CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards! We are very grateful to CTIA for recognizing our innovation and to our team whose continuous hard work allowed to earn this great recognition.

CTIA Show Director and Conventions ACP, Heather Lee, had […]

Parallel Wireless provides Band 14 Public Safety LTE at Lollapalooza

July 2016 – Chicago, IL – From the Super Bowl to Indy Motor Speedway and Republican National Convention, and now on to Lollapalooza, Parallel Wireless is demonstrating to public safety users the benefits of band 14 LTE.

Telefonica selects Parallel Wireless to support Digital Innovation initiative

Telefonica has selected Parallel Wireless’ innovative vRAN solution to cost-effectively help enable digital services in dense urban and remote areas in European and Latin American markets. The groundbreaking virtualized technology will connect the unconnected on an accelerated timeline while meeting national and local regulatory requirements. The globally proven solution will not only change the economics […]

Parallel Wireless provides Band 14 LTE for Public Safety at Republican National Convention 2016

JULY, 2016 – Parallel Wireless LTE infrastructure makes LTE deployment as fast as dispatch and as simple to install as Wi-Fi. For Super Bowl 50, we deployed our Band 14 network with just 20 days warning. For the RNC in Cleveland we are asked to deploy with 12 days to plan. At the Super Bowl, […]

Parallel Wireless participates in fourth Small Cell LTE Plugfest in Europe

27 June 2016 – Parallel Wireless is delighted to announce its participation in the fourth Small Cell LTE Plugfest organized by Small Cell Forum (SCF), in partnership with ETSI, from the 27th June to the 08th July in Naples, Italy. Taking place in the Telecom Italia/TIM’s specialist labs, the Plugfest will enable key players and […]

Bridging the old and the new: Parallel Wireless provides band 14 LTE for public safety at Vintage Racing Invitational

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a blur of past, present, and future at the 2016 Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational this past weekend. As gorgeous vintage racecars buzzed around the track, we were reminded of how these vehicles were once the height of innovation and technology. However, many years later, their former glory has […]

M1 4G powers Singapore’s first connected public buses

WiFi-On-The-Go service now available on selected specially-equipped SMRT Service 176 buses