Open RAN Hardware EcosystemThe Parallel Wireless OpenRAN flexible and scalable architecture delivers disaggregation of hardware and software, along with decoupling of CU/DU functionality and support for any 3GPP compliant split. Our OpenRAN hardware ecosystem consists of Software Defined Radios (SDRs) that can be software upgraded to 5G for ease of deployment and lower cost, with no rip-and-replace. By separating RAN hardware from software, and by using commoditized GPP-based hardware creates an Open ecosystem to drive cost down as a part of an end-to-end solution especially for multi-vendor 5G deployments. Our software-based approach delivers ultra-high capacity access with absolutely no capacity or coverage limits and with the ability to cost-effectively extend and optimize resources to 5G, and MEC.

Benefits to MNOs
Parallel Wireless’s dynamic architecture is the only available solution for mobile operators to utilize different splits based on morphology and infrastructure availability, delivering:
Flexibility in selecting any split based on use case. For coverage deployments, higher splits are more desirable, while for dense urban areas, lower splits are typically the optimum solution for delivering maximum capacity. Parallel Wireless products enable different protocol layers to reside in different components based on fronthaul availability and morphology.
OpenRAN. Parallel Wireless’s dynamic solution allows mobile operators to pick and choose different hardware vendors for DU and CU, helping to get the best performance at much lower cost.
Lowest TCO. By using different software implementations on the same RAN hardware, the cost of operations and ownership for mobile operators is reduced by up to 30%.


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