Indoor OpenRAN

Deployment Benefits

Parallel Wireless Indoor OpenRAN delivers the following benefits to global mobile operators:

  • Easy and cost-effective installation. With the Parallel Wireless OpenRAN controller, deployment can be reduced from days to hours, while eliminating the need for RF planning and extensive system integration. In under a day, a Tier 1 was able to install the whole system in a medium-size enterprise building, without specialized installers or RF planning required. The controller configured the nodes without any involvement from IT personnel (plug-and-play). The Parallel Wireless solution offers comprehensive self-organizing network (SON) capability, ensuring that cells are self-configuring (including neighbor lists and physical cell ID).
  • Quality end user experience, including voice. The network orchestrator functionality of Parallel Wireless software platform also optimizes radio performance, e.g., inter-cell interference coordination, handover optimization between the indoor cells and indoor cells and neighboring macros for seamless mobility, and frequent handover mitigation, which results in better QoS for data and voice for end users. The dual-mode cell supports Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB) and VoLTE voice, enabling the operator to invest in the future while ensuring it can deliver the high-quality voice coverage.

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