Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE solution is a 3GPP-compliant solution that provides a unified resilient LTE network across police, fire, ambulance, military, in tactical operations, in emergencies, and during natural disasters – all at much lower cost. This solution allows government organizations to have their own secure LTE network while enabling a unified platform across these organizations. It can be deployed in various tactical and multi-cast environments from police station/military base to deployable/man portable in ad-hoc scenarios. The solution delivers reliable coverage in urban to rural areas, local organizational control, and resilience with self-healing features and flexible backhaul capabilities including multi-homed mesh or LTE backhaul. It provides secure LTE communications consisting of voice, high throughput video, data, Push-to-Talk, MMS, and/or SMS for multiple users in daily operations or in emergency/tactical operations.

Parallel Wireless Public safety LTE commercially available solution has been selected by a Public Safety LTE network in Europe and by US government organizations including FirstNet early adopters; has been tested and deployed in over 25 global military, police, and fire organizations.

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Parallel Wireless Plug-n-Play BYOC Solution Introduces Oklahoma to FirstNet Vision

Most compact & lightweight plug-n-play public safety LTE solution allows public safety users in Oklahoma to experience FirstNet vision

The Oklahoma Public Safety Broadband Network (OKPSBN) Project Team conducted a 13-stop demonstration tour around the State of Oklahoma to bring Band 14 LTE deployable capability to First Responders and public safety stakeholders. As part of this project, Parallel Wireless had the privilege of providing many of the essential components to this early adopter network.

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Parallel Wireless Deploys Mission-Critical Network with LA-RICS

BYOC in-vehicle unit from Parallel Wireless solves coverage challenges for LA-RICS Rose Bowl and Fire Camp 2

The January 2, 2017 Rose Bowl was the first mission-critical public safety LTE permanent network deployment from Parallel Wireless running on band 14.

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November 2016

NYC Marathon

Provided Band 14 LTE coverage for public safety at the 2016 New York City Marathon. This network also enabled public safety officials to monitor LIVE video surveillance remotely from Sonim handsets.

August 2016

Grand Canyon Public Safety Exercise

Parallel Wireless CWS small cells were able to provide public safety LTE coverage in remote parts of the Grand Canyon by using mesh backhaul to relay coverage into dead zones, including in the Grand Canyon itself!

July 2016

Republican National Convention

Deployed Band 14 LTE for public safety agencies at the RNC in Cleveland. This network also enabled interoperability between LMR and LTE as well as media sharing (video) capabilities and situational awareness.


Demonstrated fast and easy installation of a Band 14 LTE network at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, IL. This network also demonstrated push-to-talk and video sharing capabilities thanks to ecosystem partners Mutualink and Sonim.

June 2016

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Provided Band 14 LTE coverage at the Indy Motor Speedway as part of the Vintage Racing Invitational.

March 2016


Demonstrated as an integral component to Cisco’s public safety architecture at IWCE 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

February 2016

Super Bowl 50

With only 21 days to prepare, Parallel Wireless was able to provide Band 14 LTE for public safety agencies at Super Bowl 50. This award-winning network also demonstrated ease of install as it was quickly deployed by untrained FBI personnel.

December 2015

FirstNet Board Meeting

Using our HetNet Gateway collocated with the EPC located at Texas A&M Universities’ lab in Harris County, TX, Parallel Wireless was able to provide in-building Band 14 LTE coverage for the FirstNet board meeting.

November 2015

Winter Institute at Disaster City

Demonstrated as part of Disaster City exercise in TX. While participating in the event, Parallel Wireless provided coverage both on land as well as out at sea by deploying a Band 14 LTE coverage bubble onboard a US Coast Guard ship.

Part of the public safety LTE ecosystem for US FirstNet

Provided easy of install and maintenance capabilities as well as interoperability as part of the public safety LTE ecosystem for FirstNet.

Summer 2015

Milford Area Communication Center (MACC) Base

Deployed a permanent public safety network in rural NH towns complete with mesh backhaul, in-vehicle coverage, and solar powered public safety base stations.

Joined Cisco’s public safety LTE ecosystem as an integral component at APCO 2015

Deployed at APCO 2015 as a crucial component to Cisco’s public safety LTE solution. Enabled instant and easy deployment, LMR to LTE, and interoperability capabilities.

November 2014

Cause III

Demonstrated interoperability and resilience between the US-Canadian border at CAUSE III public safety exercise in rural Montana.

Summer 2013

Joint Interoperable Field Exercises (JIFX)

Demonstrated our Band 14 public safety LTE solution to US military agencies and at JIFX military exercises.