RAN Controller

At the heart of the Parallel Wireless software-based solution is our OpenRAN and Network Software Suite which logically sits between Radio Access Network (RAN) and core network, and abstracts RAN on any COTS hardware. At the same time, it makes RAN self-configuring, self-optimizing, and self-healing through its Self-Organizing Network (SON) module. The Parallel Wireless solution utilizes standard backhaul and provides more robustness by its split functionality. OpenRAN and Network Software Suite simplifies overall network deployment and operations by:

  • Abstracting different RANs towards core networks
  • Reducing signaling and complexity by abstracting different RANs
  • Optimizing all RAN functionalities vertically and horizontally (across different technologies)
  • Enabling network component virtualization across all different network technologies
  • Abstracting the RAN and core networks
  • Promoting modular approach makes it possible to add new features and capabilities as needed

Deployment Options

The Parallel Wireless OpenRAN Controller provides complete ALL G RAN orchestration, including self-configuration, self-optimization, and self-healing. All new radio units are self-configured by the software, reducing the need for manual intervention, which will be key for 5G deployments of Massive MIMO and small cells for densification. The self-optimization is responsible for necessary optimization related tasks across different RANs, utilizing available RAN data from all RAN types (macros, Massive MIMO, small cells) from the Analytics module. The predictive approach utilized by the Parallel Wireless platform, in contrast to the legacy reactive optimization approach, improves user experience and increases network resource utilization, key for consistent experience on data intensive 5G networks.

That is why the OpenRAN software is the ideal solution for any outdoor or indoor deployments for coverage and capacity.


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