In-building Wireless Solutions

The Parallel Wireless in-building coverage solution not only improves indoor coverage at a significantly reduced cost, but also enables new service offerings (voice, IoT, Private LTE) for both operators and business owners. Auto-configuration, self-optimization, and traffic mitigation capabilities can all be provided by the network software to improve network resource utilization and to optimize user traffic to improve the experience. This results in mobile operators being able to extend existing network investments in the core and reduce the impact on the overall network performance while providing better in-building coverage services to generate new revenue delivering the following benefits:

Lowers overall TCO through:

  • Low CAPEX with low cost “white box” box and enterprise gateway software that has all functionality in one (no additional gateways required as in femto gateway, security gateway, HNBGW, etc) that combined delivers pennies per square foot to install
  • Pennies per sq foot to maintain with gateway doing hands-free orchestration, distributed scheduling, interference mitigation and easy install of additional CAPs to delver OPEX savings

Simple and flexible deployment — a one scalable solution for mobile operators to offer their enterprise customer with:

  • Low skill installation and automatic operation to make this indoor coverage solution affordable for the smallest business – just like Wi-Fi.
  • Full integration of Wi-Fi and cellular, flexible backhaul and architectural unification with NFV on the OpenRAN software
  • Multiple mounting options available from ceiling to desktop
  • Orchestration, interference management, traffic prioritization/security via the software making it a smart femto solution
  • In-building cellular solution that fits the existing IT infrastructure, enables new business models and future proofed that can enable neutral hosting or IoT and smart building services on the same infrastructure
Enterprise vRAN video still

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