Public Safety LTE for Police, First Responders, and Defense

operations Lte coverage

Supported use cases include:

  • Day-to-day operations (military/navy/air force base, police station, etc. + in-vehicle) with LTE to LMR interoperability
  • Mission critical and robustness (deployable)
    • Withstand an attack and keep going
    • Lightweight equipment to fit in a backpack
    • Each police, ambulance, army, artillery and aviation branch is able to run their network in a disaster where the national network is down
  • Special Operations: (ad hoc networks)
    • Deploy network in minutes instead of hours
  • Special force remote operations (deployable/ad hoc networking)
    • Daisy chain via mesh (i.e. bring coverage to a remote location)
    • Instant network in remote areas (i.e. mountains)
    • Interoperable (i.e. navy and pilot unit, police and fire can share video, exchange calls)
  • Emergencies and natural disasters
  • Instant network from vehicle, boat, drone, balloon
  • Compact and portable network in a case or backpack – manpack or in-vehicle — with:
    • Different RF outputs available depending on coverage area
    • Situational awareness without adding additional complexity
    • Fastest LTE bubble coverage with Plug-n-Play
    • Self-healing and self-organizing network orchestration
    • Mesh with ICIC provides seamless Intra/Inter handoff and roaming for all coverage areas
    • Daisy Chain 1 – Many => Dynamically create, expand, and/or contract compact and portable network in a case or backpack coverage
    • Application server allows first responders to use apps that bridge the LMR & LTE worlds
    • Instant connectivity for non-technical personnel
    • Coverage expands in real-time as Human, Vehicle, &/or In-Vehicle arrive and mesh
gateway device video still

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