Delivering Low Latency with Edge-centric Architecture

The main concept behind edge-centric architecture is to put the data processing as close to the consumer as possible to enable the best experience through low latency.

Deployed between the RAN and core sides of the network, Parallel Wireless software has visibility into both sides of the network and uses its intelligence to the network as a whole to reduce latency for better end user experience, especially for latency sensitive applications like voice, video, and gaming.

Deployment Options

Edge-centric architecture enables mobile operators to create differentiated services by opening up their RAN edge. This results in improved network resource utilization across ALL G, optimized service quality for latency-sensitive applications like voice and gaming, and new services creation:

  • Parallel Wireless edge-centric architecture offers a telco cloud IT service creation environment at the RAN network edge with close proximity to mobile subscribers. By creating a new ecosystem and value chain with OTT players and third party applications developers. mobile operators can open up their networks in a secure way for authorized third parties to rapidly deploy new services for end users and industries to offer new local content and highly personalized applications that help generate new revenue for mobile operators.
  • This unique architecture enables  highly efficient use of the network resources with Parallel Wireless SON software module resulting in overall lower OPEX.
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