Parallel Wireless’s solution is ideally suited for:

  • Greenfield 4G Deployment: SPs looking to provide new 4G service in rural or urban areas.
  • Densification: SPs looking to densify their 4G networks to support increasing user count.
  • Indoor 4G coverage based on CAP and OpenRAN controller with local or distributed EPC.

As it delivers the following benefits:

  • Cloud-native architecture across all components:
    • OpenRAN software abstracts Core and RAN and brings 5G-like benefits to 4G (with low latency and network slicing).
    • Data traffic local breakout through utilization of CUPS can deliver low latency into 4G networks today.
  • Easy to deploy, manage, and scale:
    • The software platform automates network optimization to reduce deployment cost.
    • Self-configuration makes radios plug-and-play.
    • Self-optimization reduces the need for drive testing and results in cost reduction.
    • Radio is software-defined to upgrade user count and technologies, so sites can be software upgradable to higher capacity with COTS BBU or 5G when needed.
    • Orchestration enables optimal network performance, which results in superior end-user QoE with seamless mobility, preventing subscriber churn.
  • Lowest TCO:
    • Automation reduces the need to travel on-site or use professional services.
    • Hands-free optimization of PW SON saves on on-going maintenance.
  • Future-proof and easy migration to 5G:
    • Software platform enables 5G-native architecture which is upgradable to any 3GPP release in the future and can enable any 5G migration option.
    • Virtualization of gateways (like Security gateway, Small Cells gateway, Wi-Fi gateways, etc.) as VNFs allows flexibility to introduce new components and services within the network.