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Parallel Wireless is on a mission to connect the 4 billion unconnected people by reimagining the architecture of cellular infrastructure. The reimagined architecture enables operators to deploy any G cellular networks as easily and as cost-effectively as Wi-Fi whether for rural, enterprise, public safety, M2M, Smart Cities, or dense urban:

Rural Coverage Solutions

With over 4.4B of the population still unconnected, it is not economical feasible in many areas for Service Providers to deliver coverage as the required infrastructure components of backhaul, facilities, and power are not readily available. Add to that the high physical installation and ongoing maintenance costs, especially for areas with very limited population. This makes it costlier to operate the sites than what they could potentially generate in terms of direct revenue. Parallel Wireless innovative technology with wireless mesh capabilities helps to deliver coverage to these areas by making deployments easy and affordable to install and maintain. Parallel Wireless outdoor rural solution is a low-cost, low-footprint, low-power, any G, multi-technology coverage solution. It removes deployment and economic constraints by eliminating the need for planning applications or fixed backhaul infrastructure by using ANY haul. This reduces deployment cost by 80% and deployment time to a few months. The solution is easy to install (under 20 minutes per node) and requires minimum on-going maintenance which reduces OPEX. Additional OPEX reductions are delivered through lower site rental fees as a result of a smaller footprint and power savings resulting from lower power consumption.

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Urban Coverage Solutions

Urban solutions are often required from a coverage and capacity point of view. The main challenge is to have flexibility in indoor and outdoor deployments while simultaneously keeping CAPEX and OPEX costs down. Parallel Wireless urban solution is a 3GPP standards-based solution that enables cost conscious mobile operators to overcome the deployment barriers and meet the necessary deployment targets of: improving coverage & capacity, generating new revenue, improving end user experience, reducing the TCO and making the deployment future proof. HetNet orchestration with real-time network SON and interference mitigation using HetNet Gateway (HNG) enables flexibility in deployment with little or no RF planning needed and making on-going maintenance hands-free. Multi-vendor and multi-operator support allows flexibility to deploy in difficult locations.

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Indoor Coverage Solutions for Enterprises

Parallel Wireless virtualized RAN (vRAN) for enterprise is a 3GPP standards-based NFV- SDN-enabled solution that can be easily scaled to suit any size enterprise.  The solution enables service providers to deploy reliable indoor enterprise solutions at pennies per square foot while at the same reducing the complexity of deployment and maintenance. The solution is based on the cellular access point (CAP) enterprise femto reference designs that integrates 3G and 4G LTE, with real-time network orchestration, flexible scheduling, interference mitigation, resource optimization, traffic prioritization, and enterprise-grade security. HetNet orchestration with real-time network SON, resource optimization and traffic mitigation on HetNet Gateway (HNG) enables seamless mobility for users indoors and out and makes network deployments fast and simple with no RF planning or complex system integration required.

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Parallel Wireless Public Safety LTE solution is a 3GPP-compliant solution that provides a unified resilient LTE network across police, fire, ambulance, military, in tactical operations, in emergencies, and during natural disasters – all at much lower cost. This solution allows government organizations to have their own secure LTE network while enabling a unified platform across these organizations. It can be deployed in various tactical and multi-cast environments from police station/military base to deployable/man portable in ad-hoc scenarios. The solution delivers reliable coverage in urban to rural areas, local organizational control, and resilience with self-healing features and flexible backhaul capabilities including multi-homed mesh or LTE backhaul. It provides secure LTE communications consisting of voice, high throughput video, data, Push-to-Talk, MMS, and/or SMS for multiple users in daily operations or in emergency/tactical operations.

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