This solution can be used in any network deployment or scenario and will be increasingly applicable as the industry migrates to 5G. For example, this virtualized analytics solution could be used for smart fleet management. In this example, information about road and traffic conditions and vehicle health is gathered and reported to the fleet management center. This in turn increases efficiency since the fleet management center can monitor the status of the vehicle and recall that bus for repair before a breakdown occurs. By monitoring the traffic conditions, the buses can automatically be rerouted to the most efficient route.

This solution can also be used for public safety. One example of this would be where OpenRAN and Network Software Suite pulls weather information from the Internet and determines that a potential storm is about to hit an area. To create additional capacity for emergency responders trying to help and rescue those affected by the storm, OpenRAN software can usie traffic prioritization and authentication capabilities in conjunction with the vAnalytics solution to ensure that first responders always have a secure connection in order to protect and serve.

As a result of this solution, global mobile operators will be able to manage their Big Data Analytics under the same Network Function Virtualization (NFV) orchestration umbrella and bring real-time visibility into their networks to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost while improving end-user experience and creating new revenue opportunities.

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