Multi-Tenant and Sharing (MORAN and MOCN)

For RAN sharing the two most commonly used solutions are known as MOCN (Multi Operator Core Network) and MORAN (Multi Operator RAN).

  • With MORAN everything in the RAN (antenna, tower, site, power) except the radio carriers is shared between two or more operators.
  • With MOCN, two or more core networks share the same RAN meaning the carriers are shared. The existing core networks could be kept separate. MOCN is the most resource efficient solution as it gives the mobile operators the opportunity to pool their respective spectrum allocations, resulting in improved trunking efficiency. For UMTS, MOCN has been supported since 3GPP Release-6. For LTE since Release-8 and Support for GERAN was added as part of Release-11.

With both approaches the mobile operators can choose between sharing the transmission pipes or having them separate (in the same physical link).

Parallel Wireless can enable both, MORAN and MOCN with its OpenRAN SDRs and OpenRAN Aggregator and Open RAN Soltuion to ensure each subscriber gets the best QoS.

Service aspects and requirements for network sharing brings together various deployment scenarios (from greenfield deployments to MVNOs), network operator requirements, user requirements, and other considerations. It also based on fundamental principles, such as avoiding the need for proprietary UE’s to benefit from network sharing, the requirement to support legacy devices, the need to allow service differentiation between different shared operators, and avoiding compromises to the services offered in shared networks.

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