The OpenRAN Hardware Ecosystem


Parallel Wireless’s dynamic RAN DU/CU split architecture is the only available solution for mobile operators to utilize any 3GPP-compliant traffic splits based on morphology and infrastructure availability for outdoor or indoor coverage or capacity deployment scenarios, delivering:

  • Flexibility: Select any traffic split based on your deployment use case. For coverage deployments, lower traffic splits are more desirable, while for dense urban areas, higher traffic splits are typically the optimal solution for delivering maximum capacity and throughput. Parallel Wireless products enable different protocol layers to reside in different components based on fronthaul availability and network.
  • Interoperability: Parallel Wireless’s OpenRAN network solution allows mobile operators to pick and choose different hardware vendors for DU and CU, helping to get the best performance at much lower cost.
  • Lowest TCO: By using different software implementations on the same RAN hardware, the cost of operations and ownership for mobile operators is reduced by up to 30%.



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