Cloud-native 2G


The Parallel Wireless fully virtualized 2G solution delivers the following business benefits to global mobile operators:

−   Lowest TCO for dual-mode 2G/3G/4G/5G or single mode solution as it provides vBSC via the software that can support tens of thousands of cells (reducing cost since 1 BSC can cover multiple sites).

  • Lowest Site CAPEX with an easy plug-n-play install with SON. Innovative OpenRAN hardware doesn’t require cooling, requires fewer solar panels or batteries, reducing overall site cost. It can be installed on poles or existing and exposed structures due to lighter wind load. With flexible backhaul (today or tomorrow’s technology) the install cost is even further reduced.

−   Reduced OPEX through

  • Lowest power consumption for multimode operation
  • Automated, hands-free maintenance via SON
  • Self-optimization and self-healing of any remote sites (no need to send engineers on site/expensive truck rolls)
  • Split BSC allows for satellite link to be shut down when not in use
  • SON module Parallel Wireless can adjust RF power levels or shut base station down in non-peak hours

−   Supports a variety of deployment scenarios  for coverage and capacity (rural, suburban, mobile black spots, etc.) including greenfield 2G or expanding current 2G footprint

−   Investment protection through future-proof architecture with 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi functionality being built in in the software suite to optimize the investment. This allows MNOs to migrate to 3G, 4G on their timelines at much lower cost and is 5G ready.