Private LTE


Deployment Options

The same solution can be deployed in both outdoor (fixed and in-vehicle) and indoor scenarios for specialized enterprise use cases:

  • Manufacturing and warehouses: Private LTE puts a manufacturing site’s network on a different frequency so robotic and IoT devices don’t have to compete for coverage. With priority and pre-emption, Parallel Wireless solution also can provide a higher quality of service for particular devices or voice traffic.
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas: Wi-Fi isn’t a robust or secure option to meet network needs, yet provisioning wires in remote locations or moving boats and motherships is challenging. With Parallel Wireless Private LTE as the primary WAN and satellite as the backhaul, the oil and gas industries have a secure LTE network that can keep everything and everyone connected, regardless of location. SON will assist with plug-n-play configuration and on-going hands free optimization while providing seamless mobility between boats and other moving vehicles.
  • Campuses: Colleges, financial institutes and hospitals

The deployments are flexible: the system can be deployed locally or in the cloud.

The following services/features are provided by this solution:

  • Enables a variety of voice options (VoLTE, VoWiFi)
  • Interops with existing LMR/PMR or Wi-Fi networks
  • PTT (Push To Talk) that can integrate with DMR voice channels
  • Staff can now carry an LTE handset rather than a legacy DMR handset
  • M2M for pump, vessel health monitoring, easy vessel management, team tracking, etc.
  • Web browsing
  • Localization of 4G calls
  • Location based services
  • LMR/PMR and LTE interoperability
  • Dispatching
  • Multimedia streaming and sharing (video, picture, text)
  • Dual-band handsets could allow roaming onto consumer LTE networks
  • The solution will provide flexibility and elastic network:
  • In case of link failure to the cellular operator, the LTE circle will remain and provides all the above services locally
  • In case of emergency (such as backhaul loss, team trapped, etc.) PTT is available
  • Easily movable/portable above ground towers when blasting; easy to re-deploy

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