Edge Core

Parallel Wireless Edge Core, in the Network Software Suite, is a cloud-native, ETSI NFV-compliant Distributed Packet Core solution:

  • It consists of MME, SGW, PGW, AMF, SMF, UPF and N3IWF, providing the complete set of key Packet Core functions
  • It can be deployed on public/private/hybrid cloud infrastructure, reducing the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) for the solution
  • Its scalable architecture allows flexible deployments, from small-footprint cost-efficient LTE/5G core and from a few thousand to millions of subscribers.
  • It provides the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • It is a distributed solution that delivers superior subscriber experience
  • It enables new revenue opportunities for mobile operators, such as Private LTE, Public Safety LTE, LTE expansion, and Greenfield LTE

Deployment Options

Parallel Wireless Edge Core can be deployed in a range, from small private LTE to big LTE networks:

  • Centralized:
    • Fully converged and redundant EPC/5GC core in the central data center,
  • Local:
    • EPC/5GC as a Compact and Portable Network in a Case or Backpack for Public Safety LTE
    • Enterprise and Private LTE core
  • Distributed:
    • In the centralized data centers with CUPS CP (Control Plane) and UP (User Plane) in different data centers.
    • Deploy MEC with mix of User Planes at the Edge with rest of the Control Plane functions hosted in central data center(s).
  • To deliver new services: deploy VoLTE/VoWiFi/VoNR faster and at lower cost

Edge Deployment

new-edge-core-graphicParallel Wireless Edge Core solution provides the ability to deploy Distributed Core with flexibility to distribute the different functions across the network as per the needs of the use cases. For Edge deployments, the solution offers following capabilities:

  • Converged Edge solution for 4G/5G, WiFi, Fixed Access
  • Significant latency reduction for offloaded traffic (LBO), crucial for low-latency 5G traffic
  • Value added services (GiLAN) offered (NAT, Tethering Det, TCP Opt, etc) locally at the Edge

This leads to following benefits:

  • Simplified Converged Distributed Core solution.
  • Enables Ultra Low Latency (ULL)-sensitive applications.
  • Allows the launch of value-added use cases and services to end users

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