Edge Core

Parallel Wireless Edge Core is a Converged Cloud-native Core solution that:

  • Supports deployments in private, public, or hybrid cloud
  • Delivers network efficiency
  • Optimizes service quality for latency-sensitive applications
  • 3GPP standard compliant
  • Flexible to deploy with cloud based or edge deployments on ETSI NFVI compliant Cloud-native solution
  • Costs much less with investment protection on CAPEX and reduced OPEX


Parallel Wireless Edge Core can be deployed in a range from small private LTE to big consumer LTE networks:

  • Centralized: Fully converged and redundant EPC/5GC core in the central data center,
  • Local:
    • EPC/5GC as a Compact and Portable Network in a Case or Backpack for Public Safety LTE
    • Enterprise and Private LTE core
  • Distributed:
    • In the centralized data centers with CUPS CP (Control Plane) and UP (User Plane) in different data centers.
    • Deploy MEC with mix of User Planes at the Edge with rest of the Control plane functions hosted in central data center(s).
  • To deliver new services: deploy VoLTE/VoWiFi/VoNR faster and at lower cost.

Parallel Wireless Edge Core also enables 4G-5G interworking for smooth migration from 4G to 5G when introducing 5G SA in order to ensure the network can support a wide range of different types of UE handsets ranging from legacy 4G devices to 5G NSA and 5G SA devices.

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