How MNOs Can Benefit from an O-RAN All G Open RAN Solution

Parallel Wireless   September 13, 2021

It’s no secret that 5G technology – owing to its inherent features like high data speed, low latency, effective use of spectrum, and better coverage – opens up a variety of use cases that will benefit both end users and businesses. The new 5G functionalities could help deliver services like healthcare and education on a mass scale by side-stepping infrastructural challenges. However, despite all the benefits of 5G, it’s important to understand that 2G/3G voice and 3G/4G-based data will co-exist as many end users and businesses globally will still use those type of devices for years to come. Thus, legacy Gs are crucial to address as a part of an operator’s overall Open RAN strategy.

Use Case: Dense Urban Environment

It is challenging to support multiple generations cost-effectively. Unless ALL Gs become Open RAN, the true promise of Open RAN, or 5G itself for that matter, cannot be realized. This is why we at Parallel Wireless listened to our customers and their needs and developed Open RAN technology that addresses ALL Gs, resulting in a scalable and futureproof software-based solution that helps to reduce network TCO over the long-term.

As telco networks are being transformed using cloud infrastructure, spanning core, edge and RAN, Parallel Wireless’s software-based All-G Open RAN solution enables a truly open, disaggregated and vendor agnostic ecosystem, all while following the Open RAN standards and definitions set forth by the O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP. Our software-based solution is vendor-agnostic and allows mobile operators to choose different splits, based use case requirement and morphology on the same hardware and network components.

Open interfaces enable supplier diversity, service agility and cloud–scale economics. The Parallel Wireless ALL-G software platform allows smooth migration to 5G. CU/DU software on a vBBU and flexibility to choose different RAN splits such as 7.2/8 on the same COTS-based hardware allows operators to prepare networks suited for dense urban environments.

Parallel Wireless’s dynamic architecture delivers:

  • Flexibility – where the operator can select any ALL Gs become Open RAN based on their deployment use case for capacity and coverage.
  • Interoperability – where Parallel Wireless’s Open RAN network solution allows mobile operators to pick and choose different hardware to get the best performance at a much lower cost.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – where operators can use different software implementations on the same RAN hardware, thereby significantly reducing the cost of operations and ownership.

Want to learn more about how the Parallel Wireless O-RAN compliant software-based solution encourages vendor diversity and innovation by including interoperability and openness with improved network performance across All Gs? Contact us.

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