Red Hat and Parallel Wireless: Deploying Cloud-Native 2G, 3G, 4G Open RAN to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs

Parallel Wireless   March 16, 2021

Growing Demand

In 2018, global mobile data traffic amounted to 19.01 exabytes per month. By 2022, mobile data traffic is expected to reach 77.5 exabytes per month worldwide at a compound annual growth rate of 46 percent.* Apps and content are driving traffic volumes as people increasingly chat to friends and family, watch videos on the move, listen to streamed music on their mobile devices and much more – especially in high-density urban markets.

Traditional radio access networks (RANs) are challenged to keep pace to meet user demand. However, mobile network operators (MNOs) need to deliver new solutions, exceed customer expectations and build new revenue streams to help their businesses thrive.

Unify Your Networks

Red Hat and Parallel Wireless have collaborated to accelerate network transformation and offer cloud-native, software-defined solutions for delivering RAN services across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks to help MNOs speed time to market for new services, reduce network management costs, and prepare for the future.

Deploying virtual and cloud-native Open RAN across multiple network generations can increase efficiency, reduce operating costs by 30 – 50%, and enable MNOs to deliver new innovative services for their customers across all Gs, not just 5G.

The Red Hat and Parallel Wireless cloud-native solution offers the following key benefits and features.

Near-RT RIC: Red Hat OSP Certified

Business Benefits:

Speed Time to Market

With the Red Hat and Parallel Wireless cloud-native joint solution, you can increase the speed of RAN service development and deployment, and perform maintenance more efficiently. Automated operations allow MNOs to upgrade, patch, and maintain services faster, which can reduce Operating Expenses (OPEX). With DevOps and CI/CD capabilities you can build, test, integrate, and deploy new services and features with greater speed and frequency while improving Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Reduce Network Management Costs

Unified management helps streamline operations and increase consistency across the network. Remote cloud-native software upgrades reduce the time and effort to maintain RAN sites. A software-defined architecture allows you to automate tasks so that staff can focus on high-value projects. Why is this important? Simplifying RAN management across network generations can increase efficiency and reduce OPEX.

Prepare for the Future

Red Hat and Parallel Wireless offer cloud-native, software defined solutions for delivering RAN services across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, providing the agility and flexibility MNOs need to leverage new, emerging technologies and features to help grow revenues, differentiate offerings in the market and prepare for future connectivity demands across the globe. New services such as massive machine-type communications and ultra-reliable low latency communications can now be delivered with automation across public, private or hybrid clouds.

Technical Features:

Red Hat OpenShift – the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform with full-stack automated operations to manage hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and edge deployments. With OpenShift, MNOs can more easily make the shift to DevSecOps and move toward more agile delivery models to improve developer productivity and promote innovation.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform – a cloud computing platform that virtualizes resources from industry-standard hardware, organizes those resources into clouds and manages them so users can access what they need, when they need it.

Parallel Wireless Open RAN Network Software Suite – a unified cloud-native solution for deploying software-defined RAN across all network generations from 2G to 5G. It includes Open RAN controller, network intelligence and RAN sharing capabilities. This software runs as a virtualized or containerized network function on Red Hat platforms.

To learn more about the Red Hat and Parallel Wireless innovative cloud-native solution, check out our solution overview, “Deploy an open RAN with Red Hat and Parallel Wireless.”



*Statista – Global Mobile Data Traffic – 2017 – 2022

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